Criminal Law & Traffic Services

Criminal Law & Traffic Services

Perth Legal Answers underlying theme is “to give the right people timely and appropriate access to legal services”. Perth Legal Answers are committed to provide you with an effective criminal defense representation.

The Principal Lawyer has extensive experience in a number of specialized areas including, treason, robbery, murder and manslaughter, sexual assault charges, drug offences; supply, possession, importation and cultivation, property offences, fraud, burglary, traffic offences, DUI, Driving whilst disqualified, licensing, firearm offences, police warrants and more.

Perth Legal Answers is highly experienced in Bail Applications, Bail Review from the Magistrates Court to the Supreme Court. Committal Hearings and jury trials and hearings by Judge alone are part of the day to day commitments of Perth Legal Answers.

We offer a highly-professional service and will help you navigate the criminal justice system in Western Australia, other Australian jurisdictions and Sierra Leone in West Africa.

We promise to defend your rights vigorously and pro-actively and keep you informed throughout the procedure in obtaining your instructions.

Ibrahim Baba Kakay is a Barrister and Solicitor with extensive experience in Criminal matters. He now devotes his career to helping others. If you are looking to instruct a criminal law firm, look no further than Perth Legal Answers.